Lenovo - X3
Behind the Scenes

The phone’s powerful speakers were highlighted with the help of a song of The Hardkiss music band. The guys from the band played a part in the commercial, which added to its popularity and recognizability. There was also a raccoon in the shot. You will find more details on the creation process in Behind the Scenes.

Director: Sergey Chebotarenko
DOP: Lena Chekhovska, Dima Bondarenko
Music: The Hardkiss
Executive Producer: Sergey Chebotarenko
Line Producer: Anna Matsotska
Actors: The Hardkiss
Editor: Sergey Vilchinskiy
Production Designer: Liudmyla Malyshko
Focus Puller: Sergey Sardudinov
Gaffer: Timofey Gerashenko
Electric: Victor Konoplyanko
Casting Director: Stacy Syvash
Compositing Artist: Yuri Nemets
Copywriter: Tanya Savelieva
Style: Slava Chaika, Dmitriy Bondar
Makeup: Alina Oleynik
Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov
Voice Actor: Dmitry Lavrov
Colorist: Dmitry Vasylenko

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