Moto - G
Behind the Scenes

The mobile phone’s distinctive feature is its ability to work underwater. In order to completely show its advantages, we created a modern laboratory for testing gadgets as well as a unique table and case. In addition, we created a background wall with inner luminescence which enabled to unite the elements of the scenery and real location. The most challenging part of the shooting was the creation of “typhoon” in the testing container. You can find more details on the filming in Behind the Scenes.

Director: Sergey Chebotarenko
DOP: Lena Chekhovska
Music: Maksym Kornyliuk
Client: Motorola Ukraine
Creative Idea: Sergey Chebotarenko, Ksenia Sergeieva
Line Producer: Anna Matsotska
Cast: Nikita Dobrynin, Vadim Dikarev
Model Makers: Anton Logosha, Aleksandr Ludanik, Valeriy Popov
Editor: Sergey Vilchinskiy
Gaffer: Timofey Gerashenko
Grip: Victor Konoplyanko Light: Ilya Kandraev, Max Sahno
Makeup: Alina Oleynik
Water Tornado: Jim
Style: Dmitriy Bondar, Vladimir Mamunya
Compositing Artist: Yuri Nemets
Designer: Igor Saveliev, Oleksandr Serbin
Sound Design: Max Ponomarchuk
Focus Puller: Sergey Sardudinov
Colorist: Dmitry Vasylenko

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